Remote Browser SDKRun any app anywhere with WASM

Webrowse remote browser SDK is a browser compiled to WASM (WebAssembly)
that can be embedded to your platform easily.
Webrowse also provide collaborative features so that multiple agents
can operate the browser simutaneouly.

What you can do with Webrowse?

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Rename & Share a Window
Rename a window and get a sharable link. Turn window into Workspace.
Follow Mode
Host will have follower on the same tab during follow mode. better automaticity and privacy than screen sharing.
Saved Windows
Easily save a window for future use, good for Recursive meeting.
Collaborate made simple
Invite people, save window, See each participants's status, host meetings.

Remote collaborations made simple

Team Collaboration

Turn any web app instantly collaborative. Convene over GitHub, Notion, Figma, and more in real time. Seamlessly integrate with leading productivity apps. Or use multiple tabs to open them all at once.

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Courses & Education

Turn passive training sessions into active ones by seamlessly granting control to your audience at the right time. Interview, Homework, 1 on 1, Team Meeting, anything you want.

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When you are not in a meeting, you can even use it as a tab groups bookmark tool for your own use. Unlike Browesers native tab group, you don’t have to add or update your bookmarks, it sync automatically save and update for you.

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Improve your workflow with cobrowsing for any use case

Customer Support
Resolve customer issues quickly, collaboratively, and in real-time. Replace IM or email with hands-on help.
Sales Demos
Instead of screen sharing your demo, create a dynamic walkthrough and create an experience that actively engages your clients.
Turn passive training sessions into active ones by seamlessly granting control to your audience at any time.
Training & Learning Courses
Share learning resources in real time with the option to allow students and trainees to read at their own pace. Easily save windows to revisit learning materials at any time.
Remote Work
Streamline your workflow by collaboratively setting goals, leading meetings, editing documents, and tracking progress.
Watch a movie, shop together, or hang out with friends in the browser with just one click.

Privacy Policy

User privacy is a priority for us and we make a commitment to keep your data safe.

Webrowse does not store data from any shared tabs, windows, and account details.