Watch videos togetherwith your friends

Vera synchronizes video playback and adds live chat to your favorites video websites such as Youtube.

Add to Chrome

How it works.

  • 1. Install Vera

    Install Vera here in Chrome Web Store.

    Remember to pin it to the Chrome tool bar for quicker access!

  • 2. Open a Video

    Go to a video site and open a video that you would like to watch with your friends.

    Now supporting: Youtube

  • 3. Start a Co-Watching Session

    Open the Vera extension on the video page.

    Once you are logged in, click “Start a co-watching session” to get the party started!

    After you started a session, you can invite your friends by sharing the link.

  • 4. Join a Co-Watching Session

    After you have installed Vera, clicking on any invitation link will automatically take you to the video site that is being shared.

demo pic